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Jandark Dib’s social media presence was initially confined to the offerings and services of the beauty cente. Her audience remained unaware of her entrepreneurial identity and the principles she upheld as a businesswoman.

Following extensive sessions with Jandark to grasp her desired tone of vooice, target audience, and overall objectives, we recommended a shift toward emphasizing her personal brand. Positioning her as an accomplished makeup artist with extensive expertise in various makeup styles and a global following eager to participate in her masterclasses became the focal point.

Through a value-centric content creation approach and a meticulously planned three-month strategy, we successfully attracted a significant amount of organic traffic to her social platforms. This portrayal highlighted her as someone motivated by a genuine appreciation for true beauty.

Jandark Dib

Discover how our assistance propelled Jandark Dib, a makeup artist, to establish a compelling personal brand, transforming her into a magnet for followers on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!


Jandark Dib is a well-known makeup artist offering masterclasses worldwide and is the proud owner of a beauty center. However, her social media presence has been confined to showcasing the services provided by the beauty center.


1- Establishing and enhancing Jandark Dib’s reputation as an expert makeup artist: Cultivating and reinforcing Jandark Dib’s image as a skilled and accomplished makeup artist. Fostering a cohesive brand identity: Developing a consistent and recognizable brand image for Jandark Dib across various platforms. Generating leads for worldwide masterclasses: 3- Creating strategies to attract and engage audiences globally, resulting in increased interest and participation in Jandark Dib’s masterclasses worldwide.